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Self-service strategies are widely viewed as an ideal way for an organisation to improve efficiency.

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There are immense benefits that can come from integrating self-service strategies into an organization.

Benefits for staff
and customers

From guiding your visitors, to checking in a patient, verifying the real identity of a person or even having your staff check their pay slips.

What we offer?

the solution

The Touch2serve™ solution is designed to free your staff up from some of those menial, time consuming tasks and have them working to add value to your business. People are comfortable using technology, why not let your customers sign themselves in for an appointment, fill out a form, pay a bill, update their information or a host of other time consuming tasks...

The benefits?

the advantages

The numbers are simple – if your customers use a Touch2serve™ solution and this saves your staff more than one hour a week then this solution will pay for itself. Everything’s included - hardware, software and even full onsite support. The end result is increased productivity for your business that helps to improve both the customers experience and your ROI…

How does it work?

the technology

The Touch2serve™ solution, comprising of both hardware and software, enables a flexible, seamless integration within your current work environment to diversify your range of services and move some of your paper based processes to a paperless, interactive environment, which saves you money, time and resources and offers unparalleled flexibility…

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